Tuesday, June 1, 2010

meal baby & Smokin’ Steve’s

Today was Chris’ first official day of radiation.  He’s tired and worn out, but he’d convinced it’s because he wasn’t sleeping well the past couple of nights.  I disagree, but either way, he needs to rest. 

I think the yummy dinner of fresh corn on the cob, cantaloupe, steamed asparagus and Smokin’ Steve’s brisket raised his spirits.  Chris says Smokin’ Steve’s cures cancer.  Highly possible.  It’s that good.  (BTW, Smokin’ Steve’s is our pastor’s amazing gift of using his bbq smoker.  Man, this brisket tonight was seasoned perfectly and melted in your mouth.)  I love that all our farm stands are open everyday this time of year.  My tastebuds are sooo excited!  And I am happy to report, my children’s are too.  They devoured that corn and cantaloupe – and the asparagus was eaten too, but not with as much gusto.

Seemingly one of the things I’ve been learning is that it is ok to accept help from people when it is offered.  Like when Whit sends containers of brisket and other yummy treats. (Many thanks Whit!  And to the delivery…KT).  Like when friends call and say they are bringing a meal to freeze, or a gift card for a meal, or signing up for meal baby.  I’m realizing that being able to share in the commonality of “supping” (as Chris calls it) gives friends the opportunity to show us love, in a tangible way.

I say it is blessing our hearts by way of our tummies.  It’s showing love in a way that everyone can understand.  That’s why meal baby is so cool.  Some friends of ours developed a website that allows you to set up a calendar for meals to be brought when you are in need…a baby, a surgery, treatment, etc.  People that would like to love on you then sign up and say what they are bringing – read: you don’t get 15 pans of alfredo fish and 12 bags of pistachio pudding.  It’s a purty neat gadget.

We also then headed to the dairy after dinner to pick up milk – and 2 kiddie cones of the homemade creamy delights for the kids.  (It was slightly tempting to go pick more strawberries, at the nearby patch, but I refrained.)  While licking the dripping sherbet, Anna & Hudson headed to the barnyard to show daddy the cows and the roosters.  I do have to say that we really enjoy driving the extra few miles to the dairy store to get milk – we can see where it comes from, what they are fed, and how they are treated.  Local farmers get a huge two-thumbs up from us – we support you and the hard work you are doing!

In closing, thanks to all of you who are praying for Chris and those of you who are loving on our tummies.  We appreciate it.

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Flamingo Mama said...

yum...your dinner sounds super yum! is corn out yet??? i didn't think it would be ready for another month?

i think i know the dairy farm you are talking of...i used to love going there. now driving 25 minutes for milk is a little too extreme for me:) i am thinking of banning myself from strawberry fields. i went for strawberries AGAIN and now we spent $25 in 5 days on just strawberries. lol

i don't have any farmer stands near me...i wish i did. we have one small one up the road they only sell what is currently being harvested and nothing is ready yet (from what they produce). i should have a kickbutt garden this year that supports us. at least for a week. this crew can down food.