Monday, December 14, 2009

we happily interrupt

We happily interrupt these Christmas proceedings to bring you good tidings of great joy…well, great joy for all parents still changing diapers!  We are nearly out of the diaper stage! 

Anna has been successfully using the potty for peepee for about 3 months, and has been going independently as she needs for about 2 weeks.  We’ve turned the corner now as she is also visiting the latrine on her own accord when she feels, well, when she has to poop.  And that is exciting.  And I had to share, even though it may be a little explicit for a family blog.

We’re down to diapers only when sleeping (mostly because Mommy doesn’t want to have to clean up in case of sleep-pee).  And big girl undies are on the agenda for most times of the day.  Pull-ups when we are out for longer periods of time, but the move to undies full time is coming soon…could this be Anna’s Christmas present to Mommy and Daddy?

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Knocker Boys said...

It's a good present. How thoughtful of her.