Sunday, December 6, 2009

the first snowfall

The official total for Saturday’s storm in this area was 5.5 inches :)  Happily, a little off the 1-3 they initially predicted.  Here’s a few pictures of our first winter snowfall playtime – and even better than just snow, Mom-Mom and Poppy arrived just in time for the outdoor adventure!IMG_6626 IMG_1387 IMG_6608IMG_6600  IMG_6609  IMG_6615 IMG_6623


Flamingo Mama said...

holy cow! 5.5?! wow...i didn't think we got that muchy...our grass was not was still stickiing through...looks like you got more! i never ventured out...just sent out the kiddos:) i stayed inside and baked cookies:)

Knocker Boys said...

How adorable is Anna? She's eating the snow off a leaf. So lady-like. :)

And how fun of Mom-Mom and Poppy to play in the snow with the kids! Were they prepared for snow?