Thursday, December 24, 2009

Blizzard of ‘09

The official snowfall total here in our area was 19 inches.  19 inches of pure powder – perfect for skiing (if we could’ve gotten there!), not so good for sledding, but delightful fun!  We had a blast as a family for two days, being stuck inside with no where to go – it was much like the old classic “Let it Snow”!  Here are a few of our favorites from the weekend.IMG_6720

By the time we woke up on Saturday, the snow accumulation was already at 4 inches, and we knew the rest of the day ahead was to be filled with the flakes.  So, we made Christmas cookies – icing and sprinkles and yummy toppings.


After naps it was still snowing too hard to go out, so the kids cuddled up on the couch to watch The Grinch That Stole Christmas.


Time to venture out for a little bit – and to traipse across the snow covered hills to our neighbor to deliver some cookies.


Our crazy friends the Lehmans are those kind of people.  You know them.  The kind that are driving down the road in a blizzard and you think to yourself, “Wierdos.  Who would be trying to drive in this?!?”  They are.  They had cabin fever and piled in the big ole four wheel drive SUV and made their way over to our house for some soup and desserts…a welcome visit!  Daryl carried Ang and all 3 boys to and from the car – we had to capture it for memory’s sake!


It stopped snowing in the middle of the night…and the next day was gorgeously sunny and bright.  We were outside a lot!


We made a slide out of the mounds from the parking lot at church.  And we built a snow tunnel igloo in one.  Hud thought that was hilarious!

IMG_1434          IMG_1420 IMG_1430


Tracy said...

Looks like fun for a little while. =)

Sandy said...

HI Beth and Family! We just got your beautiful card! What a beautiful family! Jaime is here and says "Hi,I miss and come back to Arizona!!" Happy Holiday's

Flamingo Mama said...

what a crazy snow in december?!! my kids will never believe me again when i tell them it doesn't usually snow until january:)

i totally would have come and hung out...mark worked that weekend...i drove through the snow in my minivan to my parents and stayed over. i didn't get stuck until the end but my dad got me out..what a family christmas to remember!

Knocker Boys said...

The snow was so beautiful! Glad that you had so much fun!
Did you hang the ornament on the tree just to take that gorgeous photo???

crazybeautifulchaos said...

I have to, I didn't hang the ornament just for the pic! The big evergreen out front was calling for decoration this year, so I hung some cool golden balls and red ribbons on it.

The Wyler Family said...

wow! that really looks fun. i can't believe how much snow you got in such a short amount of time.

that is a very cool ornament!