Tuesday, December 22, 2009

performing is in the genes

Hudson makes Daddy proud all the time.  But for Daddy to see Hudson on stage for his preschool performance was delightful – it’s amazing to see how far he has come since last Christmas' hilarity.  He was still quite hilarious, and very entertaining as he enjoys singing and meticulously performing his motions, but he was a little more, well, mature this year.IMG_6666

I guess the best way to put it was that this year they put him right in the middle in the back row, center stage, and they had him play Joseph.  (Which he was extremely proud of, by the way.  He was also delighted his friend McKayla got to be Mary.)  Oh, and this year, he wasn’t holding the teacher’s hand and didn’t scream he had to go to the potty right in the middle of the performance.  Although, he did ask me what would happen if he had to potty during the show the night before….IMG_6675

giving baby Jesus a kiss…


I love the innocence of children in a Nativity.  Something precious, innocent, pure.  The idea that yes, we should be approaching the throne of the manger with childlike belief and faith. That we should be anticipating Christmas Day with the excitement of a child – the excitement that a baby was given, chose to be born, for you and for me.


I love the look of tenderness on his face as he fixes the baby’s blanket…and the look of pure praise on McKayla’s as she joins the teacher in prayer.  Yup, I think I’m gonna cry.


After the Nativity story, the class sang a few of their favorite songs for us – including oldies like “If I Were a Butterfly”.  Gotta love that song!


And then it was time for snacks!!!!  That’s why Hudson is very excited in this picture.  Well, that and he is next to his friend Caleb.  AND he’s on stage, again.  There was a stage in the refreshment area too.  AND Daddy just let him get a plateful of cookies to ingest.  At 10 am.

IMG_6699 IMG_6701

Have to share this one – the twins were the dutiful sheep that heard the good news of Jesus’ birth!


Knocker Boys said...

Who are those adorable twin boys? I would adopt them in a second! :)

Hudson did an amazing job at the preschool performance! Such a precious Joseph. Loved it!

Angie said...

Love the family picture!!!!

Flamingo Mama said...

i love your smile in your family pic! all the pix are great