Saturday, November 7, 2009

World Series, Game 4

 IMG_1307IMG_1301   Chris and I had the amazing opportunity to go to Game 4 of the World Series this past week.  Long story short, he won a lottery bid that gave him the chance to purchase tickets to the game.  We were able to score some standing room only tickets.  In Citizen’s Bank Park, there are no bad seats, nor are S.R.O. tickets while standing!  We had a bar to lean on and a great view of the field.

We got to the game not long after the gates opened, as my super-fan husband wanted to make sure we were able to stake our claim of standing room only area (which we were glad we did!).  We had plenty of time to watch the Phils warm up….Here is a shot of Shane Victorino during batting practice.IMG_1304

And here are Pedro and JA Happ chatting it up in the outfield.IMG_1305

The Phils weren’t able to pull out a win for us, but we sure had a grand time anyway.  I felt so lucky to be there – the crowd, the atmosphere, the noise!  And, well, thanks to the very inebriated fans nearby (they had been at the Eagles game and then came to the WS!), I now have a new insight into the peculiar vernacular and vocabulary of the serious fan…well, serious fans who enjoy many beers and hot dogs.

I’m not kidding.  The guys next to us said the started tailgating at 9 am and were estimating that they had each already eaten 7 hot dogs during the day and during the WS game alone, they each had 6-8 servings of bread in a can.        IMG_1315

We certainly laughed and enjoyed the game – even though Chris almost got kicked out of the park when blamed for tossing peanuts and hot dog bits at Yankee fans (I think he wishes he could have after some of there bold comments!)…but our new buddies took care of the one sided food fight for him.  And my one new buddy took a liking to protecting me and my personal space from anyone else that tried to infringe upon it – which I was thankful for!  IMG_1309

It was a super night – and memory that makes me gleam when I think about the experience – a great night, at an awesome venue, with an even better date.

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