Thursday, November 12, 2009


Old Navy is running a 50% off of all winter outerwear. That's a good deal.

But want an even better deal? How about a 75.00 coat for 26.25?

If you are an email recipient of Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic's deals, they recently sent out a promo for 30% off of all purchases. The topper is that not only do you get a great deal, but 5% of every sale until Sunday goes to selected charities (including FeedAmerica and the Lymphoma and Leukemia Foundation.)

Find someone that gets these promos, and they are allowed to "invite you" to give charitably in the next four days. (If you know my personal email address, email me, and I'll share with you!)

Here's how the deal works:

Ticket price: 75.00
50% off: 37.50
30% off of that: 26.25

Happy "keep your family" warm shopping!

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Flamingo Mama said...

thanks again for the heads up! i found my email! i might just have to stop in...i really would love a pea coat of sorts. we will see!