Tuesday, November 10, 2009

this kid :o)


This kid cracks me up.  Really.  Thanking God for a little boy full of spunk and energy and personality is a treasure.  And why share this today, you ask?  Well, because of something he said today.  His vocabulary and way with words make us smile – all day….even between those moments.  Yes, you all know “those”….

Today, Hudson had the chance to spend an afternoon with a friend.  He was delighted.  As we were recounting the afternoon, our conversation went as follows:

H: We played outside and I got to play a computer game.  And we built a zoo. (Sidenote:  we went to a zoo yesterday to enjoy the beautiful day, and we’ve been building a lot of zoos :))

M:  Cool, bubba.  What did you do outside?

H: We played cars and fill-up station.

M:  Did you play on the playset?

H:  Mommy, sadly we did not.

M:  (insert my giggle)  Sadly you did not?

H:  No, sadly we did not play on the playset.

And now you all have a little insight into my daily doses of laughter.  Thank the Lord for humor, laughter, smiles and joy!


Knocker Boys said...

I love stuff like that. Jack has been saying, "That is unnecessary."

Flamingo Mama said...

that is too cute! keep writing it down! i just found a notebook hidden in my pantry closet when i cleaned it out last week. it had "quotes" i had written down and just funny things that happened when the oldest 2 were young. i had stuff "D" said when he was only 3. i started to cry. he's funny now too but it's not the same. aaaagh. i wish i could just freeze them. of course only during those inbetween "moments" :)