Saturday, June 20, 2009

see kai run ROCKS!

I just gotta share how much See Kai Run Shoes rock. For those of you who don't know, these are the best shoes ever (thanks Trace) for little feet. Really. They are recommended by pediatricians, moms, podiatrists, etc. That, and they are way cute to boot. Many thanks to a bunch of re-users from Tracy and Em, Anna and I are in love with these shoes.

Now to why I currently am in love with the company even more. Anna had a cute pair of sandals that recently the leather strap tore. I fixed it with super glue, cause heck, they are too cute to just toss. I emailed the company and they immediately wanted to know what my top three choices of replacements would be. They sent me a brand new pair of shoes (with no cost to me) to replace them! Now that is what real customer service is. And, here they are

Gotta share the good when it comes along! :)


marion said...

That's fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Anna's going to be very adorable with those shoes.

crazybeautifulchaos said...

I love that Marion actually reads my musings :) and comments! :) DW, here we come!

Emily said...

I love these shoes too! Sammy has a pair and she loves to play with the hinged box they came in