Thursday, June 25, 2009

child dutch-y paradise

Wednesdays are always a long day for our family...Chris always has worship practice until a late time of the night and if you are a stay at home parent, you know that the time between afternoon quiet time and bed time is like walking through 5 foot mud with an elephant on your back. If you don't plan to do something (actively plan), that time can be slow. So, Marion helped me plan!

We headed to the local dutch-y paradise for chilluns...Dutch Wonderland. Both our families have season passes, so it works out delightfully to just head down there after quiet time and spend the evening there. It's a great hotspot for kids 0-7. If they are older than that, it's a little lackluster, but still enjoyable....let me explain. Hudson is 4, and big enough to go on all the rides. Yes, all the rides. And he can go on most of them without an adult with him - so that tells you the 'thrill' factor.
Anna particulary likes the train ride (nice and calm) and the little ride that swings you around the end of an oval in a car. I can't think of what this is called, but here's picture, albeit a bit blurry from the action (just pretend I did that on purpose for artistic effect).

Hudson on the other hand loves the roller coaster, the flume water ride and anything that goes fast. We've yet to venture into the water park portion of the park, but I'm told it's great. Maybe next time.

Lucky for Anna, Sam and James are along the lines of her thrill-ventures right now....and they like slushees like she does. What a friendship made in heaven!


marion said...

Sam looks so adorable on the slide! That was fun. I can't wait for a hot evening so we can do the water park part of DW.

The Wyler Family said...

wow! what a great place.