Thursday, June 18, 2009

my wonderful husband

This past weekend my wonderful, amazing, thoughtful, romantic, and secret-keeping husband (well, not hardly ever, but this was worth it!) took me on a getaway to the city of independence. We left Thursday night and spent the night in South Jersey with the Smiths. On Friday morning, Chris finally let me know where we were going. We departed mid-morning and arrived about 45 minutes later at our hotel - our home away from well, the mission house. . . the Hilton above Reading Terminal. If you don't know Philly, Reading Terminal is a delicious culinary smorgasboard of all that is good and holy about food in the state of PA.
After a quick lunch, we headed out to the historical sites of the beloved city of brotherly love. The Independence Museum opened after we became West Coasters, so we had never been. It was a great experience. They have two great shows inside the exhibit and we really enjoyed them. This is Chris signing the "Declaration".
I had to give Ben a little kiss. He probably wouldn't have minded. He was quite the ladies man (really.)
These liberty singers entertained outside Liberty Hall.

We had a great dinner on an outdoor patio.
So, when you are on a trip by yourselves, it's hard to get a picture of both of us together. So this is us, having fun. Well, and you can also see why it's hard to get a picture, my hubby enjoys making a fool of himself.

After our fun photo session, we hit the town again and made our way to the "Naked Chocolate Cafe". The desserts were incredible, delectable, delicious. Chris is marveling here out the outstanding latte.

After we strolled the streets, we hit the hay for our big day celebrating Flag Day in Betsy Ross' hometown. On Saturday our highlights were seeing the Money in Motion exhibit near the US Mint. We also toured Betsy Ross' home and walked the street fair. What a wonderful time to be together, celebrating one another - it was relaxing and an incredible time to reconnect. Did I say my husband is incredible?