Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a mama's best friend

This mama has a new best friend. Yes, maybe not Beth as a person's best friend, but as a mama, oh my, this fits the bill. My kids are outdoor kids. A lot of people I know say their kids love the outside, too, but really, my kids love being outside. For instance, when it rains, Hudson says, "Mama, why does it rain in PA so much?!?!?!" My, I wish I knew - well, besides the fact is that the liquid sustenance makes this place beautifully lush, and green, and fills our well with deliciously clean and clear water.
My prince and princess love to be uncontained - four walls of a house can not squelch their love of the grass in their toes and the wind in their faces (except when Curious George is on...). Recently, my wonderful man and two friends constructed a new playset for the kids to play on. We've been missing the one from our backyard in AZ, and for Hudson's birthday, Grandmom treated H and A to this beauty. It doesn't look like much, but keep going. It's, oh, so worth it. Special thanks to Daryl, Kim and Chris ~ and their gorgeous wives for managing the children so it could be accomplished.

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The Wyler Family said...

okay, that's awesome! we were just talking about how next summer we want to get a swing set. how fun! lucky kids!