Saturday, September 6, 2008

Loose Ends

So, I had to tie up some loose ends on this National Anthem story. Plus, there are some great shots to share as well.

1) They loved Chris so much, that they asked him to come back to try outs next year so that he can sing on a regular basis. Yea, that's my superstar husband. Oh, and I asked Chris, "How much do they pay?" :o)

2) Hudson had a blast at this game. There was a whole kids' area that had bounce houses and a play area and a Noah's Ark. And lest I forget the carousel...that was a winner in his book. Grandmom and Daddy were great in making sure Hudson was entertained.

On to more recent Hudson stories;

Yesterday we were out at the market and Hudson looked up at us and said, "Did you hear that?" We shook our heads and he continued, "There was sounds coming from my body (and pointed to his buns)!" Chris and I nearly lost it.

Today we are experiencing the leftovers of tropical storm Hanna, and went outside to play in the nice warm rain and puddles. Good for picking weeds, too. While picking weeds, I found a worm and he has instantly become Hudson's best friend. He in now in a jar, sure to be suffocated or drowned by his caregiver's insistence that he needs more water. "wormy" is now a family member and has to sleep in Hudson's room so that he won't be scared (at least that is what I am told.)

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lifelaughterchaos said...

what a crack up..Hudson and Dakota could have a long friendship!