Monday, September 22, 2008

Anna's First Birthday Collage

372 days of living life.
Hundreds of diaper changes.
Over 1,000 times of nursing with mommy.
Almost 9,000 hours of seeing the world in a brand new way.
Thousands of kisses and just as many hugs.

Anna's life. A beautiful life. A wonderfully, blessed, healthy little girl life that smiles at every new thing that comes her way. Thank you God for the gift of this little girl to our family. Her squeals, her belly laughs, her big brown eyes framed in enviously long lashes, her super-human speed in crawling, her investigative spirit, her contentment, her babbling and the very pronounced Uh-Oh. We pray Lord that she knows you early, she loves you continually and that she praises Your Name to the ends of the earth. God, Thank you for our Anna Banana.


Marion said...

Aww... made me cry.

The Wyler Family said...

what a sweet little girl! i loved the slideshow!

Matthews said...

Beautiful! Jenna's one year cake was pink and brown polka dots too! We so think alike! ;)

becker said...

aahh my banana is so scute that was a good day!!

andrea said...

How beautiful!