Sunday, September 21, 2008

Autumnal Delights

Fall officially comes tomorrow but it has been in the air here in Pennsylvania for a few weeks now. Although we loved living in Arizona for 8 years we always missed the fall - the leaves changing, the cool, crisp nights and the special seasonal treats (apple cider, pumpkin anything, etc.).
Morning is my favorite time of day - brewing the coffee, looking at the backyard and seeing the fog slowly lift over the hills, getting my son breakfast as he watches the latest antics of Curious George.

I took this snapshot of our kitchen the other morning to give you a little "taste" of some of my favorite fall breakfast drinks. I am a sucker for the pumpkin-flavored creamer - it reminds me of worship practices in Arizona (Jenny bringing the coffee & the creamer). Next comes the espresso roast that goes in my Mukka Express (courtesy of Kris & Tracy!). If you get tired of coffee all the time the Mukka is the best for cappuccinos and lattes - you do it on the stovetop (genius!!). Last but not least - and I just found this at the grocery store - is the Tazo Chai tea latte mix. I had a cold this past week and Chai tea just hit the spot. Equal parts Chai concentrate and milk.

By now you are thinking I am the most frou-frou coffee drinker in the world. And you may be right. But a man has to have options...and this is the perfect time of year for a veritable cornucopia of treats.

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