Monday, August 25, 2008

Meet the Beach

Unbelievable. Gorgeous. Beyond Words. Ok, so I'll try to use words, but this past week at the beach was a week to beat all weeks, weather-wise that is. It was barely 80 most of the days that we were there, and on the sand, it felt incredible. Now, that is to say that the Atlantic beaches are not always the warmest of waters, but it was swimmable. "Our" beach house was only three houses from the beach, so getting to and from the beach with two little people was easy to do. Plus, because of how close everyone's houses were, and all the local attractions, we rode bike nearly everywhere....oh, how "green" we were last week. I think we used the van to drive to the beach, to the lighthouse one night, and back home. Made me miss the flat streets of Arizona where I could ride whenever I wanted to - around here I don't think they've ever heard of flat, or sidewalks, for that matter.

We were able to enjoy the week with the Weidner clan, Mom-Mom, Poppy, Aunt Steph, as well as Caleb and Naomi. Jim and Jenny didn't get to join us until Thursday when they got to bring Ruby home from Guatemala! It was exciting to meet her and hold the little hand of the baby girl we've been praying for since Anna was born. She and Anna are 3 days apart - and quite fun to see admire each other. Of course, anytime Anna hears Mom-Mom speaking baby, she assumes it is for her and starts to smile, even if it is directed at Ruby. We had our usual beach favorite treats (as always, centers around good food): yummy tomato pie, roasted red peppers and fresh mozzarella on crusty bread, Uncle Dick's gravy (that's spagetti sauce for you non-italians!), SEAFOOD, and Big Dipper Ice Cream. I am going to try to post a slideshow of pictures...we'll see if it works!


Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures.... wish I could have been there too! We will enjoy seeing these again when the snow is falling and we are ohhhh so cold!
Mom Engle

lifelaughterchaos said...

ahh. looks so nice and relaxing. i miss the beach...we did not go this year! thanks for inviting me along!

Trace said...

loved the slide show!