Friday, August 8, 2008

The Big Woods

After a long week for Daddy, our family was able to enjoy a day together this past Monday. We went for a hike in the woods and found many treasures! We loved the foilage (so different from the unique beauty of AZ - Hudson first thought there were going to be cactus like our AZ hikes), found some huge mushrooms, and even got Bubbaloo to hold a spider, after a bit of cajoling. We loved the weather and had a great time of exploration!

PS. BIG NEWS! Not really - Chris has set up that you can tell that it is me (Beth) posting now. Before, it said his name, but it was always me. Now you can assume it is my beautiful voice you are reading, unless otherwise stated :o)


The Wyler Family said...

beautiful photos! great hiking weather!

Billie said...

i'm glad he fixed that. it always confused me! I thought it was him until he would talk about his wonderful husband!