Friday, August 29, 2008

Hudson and Wawa

Yes, this is Chris. If you didn't notice, we have figured out how to show which one of us is posting. Usually Beth, but here I am.

Hudson story of the day. Hudson and Anna are playing nicely on the floor after breakfast (which is actually becoming more of a regular thing - I think he likes to see the reactions she gives him.) All of the sudden, he begins pushing her back (albeit gently) in the opposite direction to encourage her to crawl away. Mommy says, "Hudson, that's not nice, please don't push Anna." He looks up with a very serious expression and says, "Anna has a bad smell coming from her body." We laughed so hard, Beth was crying.

The other reason I am compelled to post is to publicly acknowledge and thank Thayer from Wawa. Some of you are wondering what the hey a "Wawa" is? It's a convenient store like 7-Eleven, Turkey Hill. OK, so as we returning from the beach last Saturday we make a stop at a Wawa outside Philadelphia and in the craziness of getting Hudson into and out of the bathroom and getting us all back in the family truckster (homage to National Lampoon's Vacation) I leave my cell phone at the store. I realized this by Saturday evening and received confirmation that the phone was at the store. I was picturing a three-hour round trip to get my stinking phone. But Thayer (reminds me of a character on the cartoon He-Man), one of the managers of the store mails me the phone back. He says, "Just put in a good word for Wawa." So, that is what I am doing - putting a good word for the dudes at Wawa. I always loved Wawa (ask my wife) but my respect level for them has increased tenfold. Wawa saved the day.

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Ginger said...

okay so i am too tired to even read your blog at the moment but i had to come make a quick comment just so you would know i got your comment on my blog and i think it's so funny that you thought to ask what happened to that candy. we still have all of it! didn't have to give out a single birth plan bribe - ha! i hope to get my full birth story on the blog soon. thanks for the comment and i hope you are doing well. love, ginger