Monday, June 18, 2012

Ocean City

We were so blessed to have the chance to get away one last time before our lives get car-razy with a newborn around…and we had a blast.  We had a free week given to us to stay in Ocean City, MD (as a result of a technical snafu on the resort’s part in March when we visited with Grandmom).  We took full advantage of the beautiful beaches, the outdoor and indoor pools and the hot tub that we had in our own courtyard.IMG_0906

Anna painting Mommy’s toenails for her….she was very careful and very sweet!

The weather was beautiful and we got to participate in all of our favorite “beachy” activities – and experience some new ones!  Marion, the boys and Nanny and Pappy took us onto Assateague Island – a beautiful National Park that only allows a limited number of vehicles on the beach at a time.  Not only that, but you are required to have an “on sand vehicle” permit and a truck that can handle driving on loose sand.


The kids had a blast digging up sand crabs and making them homes – they collected around 50 of them before we returned them to the sea later in the day!

It was one of the most beautiful beach days I have ever experienced – hardly another family in sight, seashells and fun waves, wild horses, a gentle sea breeze and beautiful green Atlantic water.  Hudson and Anna love the water to begin with, but Anna has discovered a new passion – boogie boarding.  It was hard to convince her to leave the water!


One evening before Grandmom left we went out to the beach to take a few pictures together…..


Anna liked dancing in front of the full length mirror :)


We did puzzles, played games, walked the boardwalk, ate salt water taffy and drank fresh lemonade.  We built sandcastles, dug holes in the sand for mommy’s belly so she could lay tummy down and built Dinosaur Waterpark Lands.


We ate funnel cake, people watched, swam and swam, read books and strolled the boards – but mostly, we just had an amazing vacation as a family and really enjoyed our time together. I love the family that God has blessed me with – extended, and the four (almost 5) of us….

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Loved the pictures and so happy you had a wonderful time. grandmother