Saturday, June 30, 2012

Anna’s Art

Ever since Aunt Kimmie’s fabulous art party where she had the kiddos paint on canvases, I’ve been thinking of a way that we could add some priceless art and color to Anna’s beautiful pale green walls. So, as I had to buy a few canvases for the baby room art (Hello cheap at Walmart!), I made sure to have a few extras.


We began by mommy simply squirting a few blues and greens on the blank canvas to create a background.  Next, Anna painted her hands pink and we made a “circle” out of the hand prints, with the palm always in the same spot.  This made it look like a daisy with many petals.  Lastly, Anna fingerpainted a stem, a butterfly, and finished it off with her signature along the side.


WE LOVE HER new artwork that hangs near her bed…and she is so proud of it, as well!

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