Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the next Einstein’s theory….

The scientific community needs to prepare itself now.  Batten down the hatches for what is to come.  Because friends, Hudson is on his way.  At the mere age of barely seven, he has written his first theoretical “paper” on time travel and supported his theory with scientific evidence.IMG_1074

This article was written for “The Times” complete with a picture of the author and scientist as a byline.

The Times

Time Travel is possible.  With a particle accelerator e=mc2 fraction passed onto Scientist Hudson Smith, time travel is possible.  This is because of the speed that is faster than light.  It is lightning.  1997

The Scientist also then included a mock-up drawing of his first idea of a time travel machine, complete with the graphic organizer that shows the evidence of trial and error experimentation.


Seriously?  My kid is seven?  Sometimes I think  I know his mind works better than his mama’s. 


Not only that, but he blew us away yesterday with a question from his deep thinking brain after dinner….

“Mom, do you think there are seasons in heaven?”

“I don’t know Hudson, that is a good question.  Why?”

“Well, cuz ya know, the Earth spins around the sun and stuff to make seasons…..”

Once again, whoa.


Bryan said...

Sounds like someone has probably picked up his Dad's love for "back to the future" movies :) ... and LOVE his imagination, by the way ... and awesome question/theory re the seasons! One thing is for sure; he's smarter than his uncle B :) love ya!

Anonymous said...

I just read this post, and had the same exact thought as Uncle B ! Its the back to the future connection. That apple didnt fall far from the tree :) too cute. ~Aunt Steph