Monday, March 19, 2012

Weeks 20, 21 and 22

20 weeks – Ocean City, MD

20 weeks beach

21 weeks – sportin’ sunglasses at the park

21 weeks park

peanut #3 at 21 weeks – same profile as the other 2!

21 weeks scan

week 22 – out front on a warm spring day (Happy St. Patty’s Day with our green! :o)

22 weeks

The baby news?  The latest ultrasound shows that all looks fantastic, the placenta has moved away from the cervix, the heartbeat was strong and the baby is in the 72% for weight (what?!?!).  She assured me that the weight will probably level out to the other 2 as they were mere peanuts at 7.7 and 7.4, respectively, at birth.  I hope so! 


Chris said...

Love it!

Emily said...

you look beautiful!!!! great news on that tricky placenta!!

The Wyler Family said...

you look fantastic! so fun. my 3rd was way bigger than my first two. :)