Wednesday, March 28, 2012

“stained glass” Easter Craft

I know you….yup, you.  You are one of those people that get a gift, fold away the colored tissue paper from the gift bag and think to yourself, “I will so use this for a gift sometime!”  But now you have a stack of beautifully colored tissue paper that you feel slightly guilty of when you glance at the overabundance.  (Ok, maybe not you, but this is me).

So I like to use tissue paper in art projects for my kiddos! :)  Break out the tissue paper pile, folks – it’s time for an Easter project that will use up some of that fantastic array of color!IMG_0627IMG_0629

Easy “stained glass” Easter Sun Catchers

1) cut various colors of tissue paper into 1x1 squares (for those that don’t own a paper cutter, accordian fold the paper and cut 1 inch apart for long strips.  Then line them all up in one hand in a pile and cut 1 inch a part – there you have them!)

2) cut two matching pieces of clear contact paper.  (I cut a big rectangle, folded it and half and cut on the “line”.)

3) peel and tape one half of the contact paper to the table

4) have your little people cover the entire sheet with tissue paper – it’s ok to overlap!  Then cover the whole sheet with the other half of clear contact paper.  Seal.

IMG_06305) draw “Easter” shapes with a permanent marker – of course, my children wanted things like a bunny and a basket…I tried!

6)  Cut them out and hang in your window to catch the sun!


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