Friday, January 27, 2012

Guess WHO?

A little game for your Friday evening….

Guess who cut their hair while Mommy went to a movie with friends today?  (I place no blame on the Daddy that was here at the house with her.  Honestly.)


Guess who sobbed and sobbed when she was told she would have to have her hair cut short with no chance of pony tails, princess buns or braids for a while?

Guess who sat in the chair like a sweet little cherub because she was excited once we arrived at Daddy’s “hair cut place”? (Side note:  Daddy goes to an old school family barber shop that does men’s and women’s cuts.)


Guess who got told she was adorable, beautiful, and pretty as a princess the whole time we were there?  (They loved her so much she braided her bangs and gave her a pink flower barrette…the baby girl worked it…)

Guess who looks cute as a button now with this haircut?


I am sure you guessed by now.


Guess who Mommy got to go see in the middle of the day at school? (I go once a week, but this was a special project day :)


Guess who makes me feel OH SO LOVED when I walk in the door of his classroom?  He smiles and nearly can’t contain himself until he gets a hug and a kiss.


Guess who slept with his favorite new fluffy friend and has told him stories while he falls asleep the past 2 evenings?

Yup, you’re right.



Mom Mom Smith said...

Her and Ruby both have short hair now. Ruby just got her's cut. Hopefully Anna did not have such a good time at the hair place that she'll not see the error of her ways!! Sure is cute though.

Bekah said...

Oh Anna! She does look adorable though!

Tracy Watanabe said...

Oh no! My heart dropped when I saw this! So glad it all worked out.