Monday, February 6, 2012

you may live in the country if….

You may live in the country if you look out your window and you see this going up your street….IMG_0573

and for some reason it doesn’t seem all that odd.  Unique, yes.  But not all that shocking.

IN other news….here’s a fun art project for all you “praw-jekt” luvin’ mamas.  And all you need is glue, qtips, wax paper and glitter!  (Seriously).


First, lay out wax paper and help your little design a snowflake…or if they big enough (like Hugs), then let them design their own.  Cut the qtips if they want – but not necessary.


Once designed, put huge dollops of glue at the tips where each comes to a convergence.  (Yes, I just used a big word there.  Look it up if you need too.)  You can use white school glue, or Tacky Glue would be superb as well.

Then sprinkle the snowflakes with a “goodly” amount – that’s my PA Dutch roots coming through – of glitter.  This Mama likes to do glitter in an old cake pan or pizza box, as it catches the excess and can be funneled back into the jar.IMAG0669

Let them dry overnight and…  VOILA!  A snowflake light catcher!  I attached string and hung them in our entrance hall, because we rock homemade crafts on our walls.IMAG0670

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Flamingo said...

love the craft! now if only it would dump REAL snow on us so we could have a perfect craft day!

sha sha would love the horses. we have a group that walk by here all of the time...but usually not in the winter, but of course it hasn't really been winter weather so maybe they've been by and i didn't even know:)