Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the news….

You’d think that after not really posting for almost a month that we would have news to share.  Exciting adventures, cute stories, a profound word on what I’ve been learning.  But not really.  I’ve been working hard; obviously not on this blog!  IMG_0532

I started a new job in January, part time, but still exciting and very mentally strenuous.  I have begun a journey as an adjunct professor at a local college in the education department.  Like I said, it is energizing and altogether exhausting at the same time. 

IMG_0518We’ve been working on some exciting things as a family, too, but those are yet to be shared on the blog….until that time, here are some fun pictures from our past month – because I think these kids are too darn cute not to share!IMG_0520

The prettiest (& smily-est)  angel in the preschool pageant!


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