Saturday, June 25, 2011

Made up by me

So this is a made up by me recipe I am calling strawberry lemon drop cake. I betcha it is out there somewhere on the world wide web, but I made it up. We are headed to a backyard neighbor bbq, sponsored by our get to know people in your area.

It is gonna be a blast....and we had to bring dessert.  To make this I used a lemon cake mix and baked it in 9 inch rounds. While it was warm, I poked a ton of holes in it and poured powdered sugar mixed with lemon juice all over it to sink in. After they cooled, I spread a small bit of cool whip lite over layer one and then placed sliced strawberries on it. Place the second layer on, cover with cool whip, and voila!

It is yummilicious.

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