Thursday, June 9, 2011

arizona recap

I have too many fun pictures from my recent trip over Memorial Day to Arizona to visit our “Fr-amily”.  Seriously – I would overload the browser if I attempted such a feat.  But because I love my friends there so much, I can not NOT share!

I had a few goals while there:  have a rockin’ time seeing Em get married to the love of her life, chill with Tracy and the Wats, catch up with friends and relax.  Check, check, check, check.

Thursday when I arrived, I spent most of the day and night with the Yochims, Grandma and Grandpa Diehl and Grammy Lyn.  They all were leaving the following day to go to a quincinera(Mexican 15th birthday party) in Rocky Point, Mexico.  Our AZ church has a partnership with a mission organization there, called One Mission.  They have an awesome ministry that brings in volunteers to minister and build small, sturdy homes for families in need….touching their lives with the love of Christ in super tangible ways.


Friday after I had recovered from being up for 22 hours the day before, I hit a morning out with my chica Andrea.  We have too much fun together…honestly.  My belly always hurts after hanging out.


For lunch, I met my girls from Canyon Rim Elementary for lunch at one of my fave dining places – Rubios.  Yes, we ate outside.  It was gorgeous my whole trip.  Above is my girl Jaime and I.  We began teaching together the same year, the same team, switched schools together and basically stuck together in all storms of in school politics, making sure we kept rooms adjoining when we possibly could.


(Dani, Jaime, Laura, Sue, Peggy, Jen….Me, Jennifer, Katie)


I had to get out every morning and hit the trails behind our community.  How could I pass up an opportunity to view this while running?


Friday night the Wats took me to experience my first real sushi night at RA.  They ordered, I trusted. Smile  It was good.


Saturday Tracy and I took at three hour tour up the interstate to Flagstaff to witness Emily marry Eric – and she was pretty much drop-dead gorgeous.  It was a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful party afterwards.


Sunday we chilled, swam, and hit the Queen Creek Olive Mill and sampled til our heart’s delight.


My last few hours in Arizona was spent outside on a trail, by the pool swimming and soaking in as much love from my FRam as possible.  We even got to stuff my belly with some quality Mexican at Macayo’s before boarding the plane – and I got to enjoy the company of Uncle Dave and Jill.

SO blessed to be loved by so many – and so fortunate to get to visit and spend time with each of them.


Anonymous said...

we were enjoying your blog when your new post came up. g.. mother

Tracy Watanabe said...

Loved every minute you were here! Excited I get to see you again so soon too!