Saturday, February 6, 2010

part 2 - ‘snowmaggedon’ they say now

IMG_1618    We gave in to the constant pleas to exit our abode just before lunch.  The parental units were a bit hesitant to do such as the wind was whipping (as it always does on the top of this hill we live on) and the snow was still accumulating at about 2 inches an hour.  Yes, that is Hudson next to the drift on the back porch…it was above his head.  It’s still drifted that high, we have yet to shovel the back porch.

IMG_1624The snow is gorgeous – just cold when the wind is blowing – and soon after exiting our warm cocoon of a home, our youngest was verily aware of this fact.  She had enjoyed the snow from the confines behind glass, but soon came to realize that cold snow blowing in your face isn’t that fun.  Specifically when you can’t walk in it because it is over your head.


Hugs enjoyed every moment of it (well, until he took a face first plunge into the snow – and then he was done) and made a tunnel right off the porch.  We had to help him (read: drop him) get to a spot he could dig and play.

We tried to get around back – and managed after a bit of struggle – considering most of the snow was mid-thigh to waist deep and we were carrying small children.IMG_1631

So – as you can see below, I was in it up to my waist, and higher at times, trying to get to the playset that had been partially protected and some of the snow had drifted away.

IMG_1630Anna wanted to head inside for “hot chock-o-lot”, so I obliged and Hudson and Daddy took to jumping off the deck banister into deep snow drifts.  After Hudson face planted, we all sat down to the quintessential post-snow lunch: grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Warms the tummy and the soul! :) 



Flamingo Mama said...

i just said how awesome these kind of snows are for kids. i still remember getting snow like this when i was a kid and it seemed MILES high.

Emily said...

mmmm....grilled cheese and tomato soup! you've inspired me for lunch tomorrow!