Friday, February 19, 2010

from the mouths of babes…

3 prayers from the mouths of our babes – innocent, pure, full of faith.  One sweet, one interesting, one funny. (I will write them like they were said.)

Sweet – Anna going to bed 2 nights ago…

Dear God, 

  Tank you for good day.  Tank you for sending Jesus to me.  Tank you for Mom-Mom Poppy.  Tank you for Husson.  Tank you for Mommy n Daddy.


Interesting – Anna going to bed last night…

Dear Jesus, 

  Tank you for loving me.  Tank you for me going poopy on da potty.  Tanks for the potty.  Tanks for my house.  Be with my friends.  Tank you for Mommy n Daddy n Grandmom n Mom-Mom Poppy n Uncle Byan n Ruby Nomi Caleb.  Tank you for my babies.


Funny – Hudson in the car tonight after being with our friends the Beckers for dinner.  **Sidenote:  Daddy was not with us because he wasn’t feeling well…and he was the third down of our family in 7 days.  Anna got the puking bug, got better.  Then Hudson.  He got better.  Then it hit Daddy hardest, with the highest fever too.  I figured out that I have done over 25 loads of laundry in the past 7 days.  Yikers – Praise God our washing machine and dryer are functional!

Dear Father, 

  Thank you so much for the fun day we had.  We pray for Daddy that he feels better and he stops puking so Mommy doesn’t have so much laundry to do.  We pray for Ms. Dana that she isn’t done making dinner.  Help her not to be too tired and she will make food for her family.  Thank you Lord.


**Ms. Dana was stating that most days recently she feels “done” by the time dinner rolls around and doesn’t feel like making dinner anymore.  I guess little ears were listening more than she thought!  HA!**


dana B said...

I love it!!!!! Well at least you know he listens!!!! Love to you

Knocker Boys said...


Has the puking ended (so mommy doesn't have more laundry to do)?

Flamingo Mama said...

that cracked me up about dana!!! too funny. goodness..i will have to make sure that i don't say anything about feeling like i want to strangle my kids or something...poor hudson will be on his knees all day! lol