Tuesday, February 9, 2010

lovin’ February

a mix of random pictures that have no category but February


My mom gave me the rockin’ idea to turn my lighted garland into a Valentine’s Day garland.  I was complaining about taking the lights down because they add so much “warmth” to the living room and she said to put hearts on it. It turned out pretty cool – thanks Mom!   

If you look closely, the hearts on it was a fun art project.  Hudson and Anna painted their hands and placed their fingers crossing on a piece of paper.  After they dried, then I cut them out (the palms are the top rounded part of the heart) and Hudson wrote his name across his – I helped Anna. IMG_1607

Both the cute babes have been into building Lego cities with Geo Trax trains running through them.  This day I had to record because Hudson was playing so nicely with Anna and being a little teacher.  “Good job Anna!  Here, you can put your house here on the mat.  That would be a great place to put it Anna!”  It was too cute – and those moments are happening more and more – phew, and Praise the Lord! :)IMG_1608This is just hilarious because Hugs has totally been into getting out Daddy’s clothes and dressing for work.  He did a good job of matching the shoes, shirt and belt, don’t you think? IMG_1609Heart Owls

This was just a fun art project we did to decorate around the house for Valentine’s.  I drew the different sized hearts and Hudson cut and glued and decorated his own all by himself.  I think he did fabulously!  Anna’s looks awesome as well – she glued and decorated her own heart owl.  IMG_1610

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Knocker Boys said...

Hudson getting dressed liked Daddy is so adorable!