Monday, January 18, 2010

Hudson is amped up….

Can you tell he’s excited? 

IMG_1549Want to know why?  Daddy found a preview from the actual movie of Toy Story 3 that is due out in theaters this summer.  Hugs is a Toy Story mega fan.  You know, most kids go through phases with movies.  And Hudson does too.  But Toy Story has always been that movie that he goes back to – he literally can’t get enough of it (much like his current obsession with Polar Express).

A while back we decided that Toy Story 3 would be Hudson’s first movie theater movie.  We know without a doubt that it is a movie that is worth the money and that he’ll sit for the duration of the film.  I think we were pretty right on, considering the amount of times he watches this trailer in a 24 hour period.  I am just waiting for the moment he tells me he wants a countdown calendar until the release. :)

Watch the trailer here.


The Wyler Family said...

how fun! such a cute kid.

apparently, i missed a few posts. i'm bummed i didn't get in on the jam voting. you're totally right about the connection to childhood. my favorites are raspberry and blackberry because that's what my mom and grandpa made every single year. and i'm totally with you on the pb&j combo jar. disgusting!

oh, i'm glad you're considering digital scrapbooking. it is much better if you have someone to do it with. enjoy! let me know if you have any questions.

Flamingo Mama said...

awesome! that was d's FAVORITE forever! i wish i wouldn't have sold all my buzz lightyear toys at the yardsale...we had a ton. C. is now starting to really enjoy it...and all of the kids still get pulled in when it is on...number 1 is still my fav!

anyway..i completely forgot that number 3 was coming out this summer! something to look forward to!