Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Day in snapshots

 IMG_6764 A flurry of activity in opening puzzles and fun gifts from Aunt Cindy, Uncle Tommy, Alli and Will before breakfast…and Santa brought a King and Queen Potato Head to entertain.IMG_6776

Yummy, sticky buns!  While sitting down for breakfast, Daddy read us a book called There was No Snow on Christmas Eve.  It is a great book that tells the Nativity story in beautiful pictures and simple words.  We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and enjoyed our meal - for breakfast, we had fresh fruit salad (kiwi, strawberries and bananas), sticky buns and a yummy egg/country ham bake.  Of course, the sticky buns had red, white and green sprinkles on them too!


Can you tell he’s excited about his Duplo horse stable?  Hudson loves Duplo legos and builds all kinds of awesomely creative things.


Anna was thrilled to get a new baby stroller – a pram.  Purposely chosen so that she can’t crawl in with her babies. :)IMG_6789

Yup, he’s way excited that Daddy got him The Polar Express DVD.IMG_6794

Daddy and Anna watching the Disney Parade.  I think she just saw Tinkerbell!


Awe, yes, Hudson liked what Uncle Bryan got him – a Duplo Firetruck.


Surprise to Daddy – Grandmom shocked him with this one.IMG_6828

I was lovin’ this pressure canner – a surprise that made me feel slightly old – yup, I got excited about a pressure canner.  On the other hand, I don’t care – I got a pressure canner! :) IMG_6832 IMG_6834

Playing with Grandad’s trains.  A tradition continues…as Hudson got geo-trax and he loves trains like Grandad!


Knocker Boys said...

I thought I saw a Wii at your house. How fun!

It's amazing how children are so unique. None of my boys are very interested in Duplo. Anna does love her babies. So sweet!

Flamingo Mama said...

don't worry you are not old! i got so excited over all my new kitcheny things for christmas..that is all i asked for! lol well, of course maybe i'm old with ya. regardless glad that you have one of your own to "put up" some jam and stuff this summer:) i should have you show me how...i have had one sitting in garage for a long time and never use it...i'm too lazy and just freeze everything. but i'm always reinspired so who knows!