Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anna’s first real haircut

Yes friends, mommy finally gave in, and got Anna’s hair cut.  I was a bit worried.  Or shall I say, I didn’t want her to look back someday and say, “You did what to my beautiful caramel-ly curly locks?”  So we went for a trim.  I think she took off about 3 inches – she kinda evened up things, put in some long layers to show off those curls, and finished off with a nice lollipop. :)

Anna sat in my lap – this is a picture (forgive the quality – we used Daddy’s cell phone camera…I can hear it in years from now, Anna all upset because Hudson had tons of pictures of his first real haircut with a nice camera…..poor second child.)

Anna long hair precut

Look how long her hair is!  It had been in a ponytail for the morning, and you can still see it was well down her back when kinda straightened out.

Um….wait, is Grandmom watching me?

Anna haircut in chair

Ok, this is pretty cool!  Anna kept saying, “Me get a haircut too!  Me get scissors!  Me get a haircut too!”

Anna haircut

She got to pick a lollipop for her great job sitting still.

Anna pick lolli   Anna haircut lolli 

Yup, she looks gorgeous….and she knows it!

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Knocker Boys said...

Wow. She does look very cute! I like the way she looks with the bangs growing out. She has such nice hair.