Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today was our baby boy's first day of school - well, preschool that is. He is so excited. He will be attending a local church preschool for two days a week, with some friends from church. It is a great place and when we visited last week to check it out, he came home and told us he wanted to go back "the next day". Well, the first day of preschool arrived, and he could hardly contain himself. That included being too excited to stand still and smile for a picture ;) As we entered, I assumed that just like Sunday School, he would enter, ask for "one more hug and kiss" (thirteen times) and wave goodbye. Oh, was I wrong. We walked in, Hudson said a shy "Good morning" to his teacher while he stood behind my legs, and then saw the farm with the animals out on the play rug. He was off - with a mere "see ya later mommy", he waved as I walked out the door - no hugs, no kisses. What a big boy! When Anna and I picked him back up, he was so excited, he wouldn't stop talking. He told us about the farm, the dishwasher to play with, the coloring time, story time, snack time, his field trip coming up soon, his teacher and the art project where he got to paint (oh, this went over really well - you know how he loves to paint!).
In other news, it was Anna's 13th month birthday on Wednesday - and we found out she is having surgery next Wednesday. She'll have tubes put in her ears to help with the massive amount of ear infections she has gotten (she's got another double ear infection right now) . This will also help her hearing - the Doc said to her it sounds like she is listening to us as if she was underwater. He said she'll talk even more within a few days of the procedure. They told us that she'll only be out for a few minutes, and will only be in recovery about a half-hour. It's definitely more traumatic for us as Daddy and Mommy, I am sure.

And, this is us, loving fall! :)


becker said...

i did not know anna needed surgery, my poor girl!!!! My heart and prayers are there beside you. but no wonder she always is laughing at me, I sound like a fish to her!!! I am glad
hudson loved preschool that is awesome!!! love yuo guys!

Marion said...

So glad that anna is getting tubes. You'll all be so much happier! Remind me to tell you about what to expect in the hospital... I'm also happy that Hudson finally started school! Yea!

Matthews said...

She'll talk more clearly almost immediately! Jenna had one set, then after they came out...a second set along with adnoids and tonsils out...and voila! Language EXPLOSION and no more ear infections, burst ear drums, screaming at night. I'll say a prayer for Anna!

Flamingo Mama said...

you will love the tubes! and so will anna! and you are right...much worse for mom and dad!

let me know if i can do anything for you that day.