Wednesday, October 8, 2008

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Hey, so if you are a regular of our blog, or you just like to occasionally pop in, we'd love to know who you are. On our map, we can make an educated guess (considering we are fairly well educated - or at least we think we are!) of who you are. But, to be sure, we'd love to know who you are and all you have to do is click on the link on the sidebar that features our followers....yes, I know it sounds a bit biblical - but you don't have to abide by our rules and we won't make you wear sandals, your hair long and a dress. Hugs pushing Banana in his "sailboat"

Other than that, it's been a while since I posted, and life has gone on as normal. Like fall has arrived, for real. Anna is getting another tooth (I hope, because she's miserable!). Hudson starts preschool next week and he caught a nasty cold. I got my haircut short again. Oh, with bangs. I thought I liked them, I think I look ok with them, but now when I go to run, or cook, they get really annoying and I am a total ear-tucker. In other words, I think I am in the growing out phase again. Which is good because the wonderful lady that cut my hair, in all her wisdom, left them kinda as a sweep, so it shouldn't take too long. Anna is starting to walk more - not by herself, but she loves her new scooter and pushing things to walk. She's still a naughty Soothie lover. Man, don't try to take the girl's Soothie. She may bop you.


Lara said...

Sorry....previous comment, I should've left my email address.

I'll be the visitor that shows up from Central Texas. ;)

lara dot conrad at gmail dot com

Have a great week. :)

John, Bethany and Faith said...

Hey Guys! I am the one with the Anonymous next to my name, but I do follow your blog! We have a blogspot.
And when I tried to log into your blogger to "officially follow" your blog, it rejected me. But I will still check it out!
Bethany (Chambers) Duarte

Trace said...

she's such a cutie!