Sunday, January 12, 2014

Share the love

We have a tradition. We spread the love of Christmas far into the deep dark winters of the North. I'm pretty sure it started after we moved here, becomes in AZ it was bright and light and warm and we didn't (I didn't) feel like I needed some extra lights to make it bearable. 
Thus the love tree was born. The Christmas decor is mostly down, minus a few snowmen here and there, because we will get snow through April. But this little beauty brings some light warmth when it seems like the sun goes to bed so early!
The love note mailboxes have been hung with care and St. Anna has been filling them with care.  

There's just something so right about seemlessly moving from the season of light and the greatest gift of love to the season of commercialized love. (Hear my sarcasm?)  The chintzy foil hearts and rows of sappy cards. Whatever, I will take advantage of it and make it into something for our kids to look forward to.   Because sharing love is a year round act of love, but it's ok to have a little fun with it and brighten a dreary winter month with some kitsch. 


Tracy Watanabe said...

Only you guys would think of such a thing!

Love ya much!

bekah said...

Your love tree always cracked me up!