Tuesday, January 28, 2014

18 things for 18 months

A full year and a half have passed since your beautiful smile giving, joy bringing self entered this crazy, chaos of a Smith family. 18 months with you has flown by, and we don't want to forget all the little things we love about you right now. At this very minute.

I'm a little bummed because we have some super super shots of you at this age, but they are on Mama's good camera and we can't get the cord because the basement is flooded - that's another story. You're so cute though that the phone camera loves you too. 

1.  You love your "nacks". You are an expert pantry opener, and not many lids can fool you!

2.  You had tubes put in your ears at 16.5 months. You had bi-lateral conductive hearing loss from all of the fluid in your ears and infections. Your speech has taken off since then!  Everyday brings a new word, a new discovery, a new sound. It is SO EXCITING! 

3. You love food. And if someone has something you want, a little birdie appears. 

4. My favorite words, "Mama up. Rock. Book."

5. You adore your sister and brother. When we drop Anna of at school you say , " Nana? Nana?"

6.  You unfortunately are in an "I don't like my car seat" phase. You love books and love to read in the car, but when you tire of them, you scream. A high pitched ear splitting headache inducing scream.   

7. You are an expert cuddle giver and saying good-byer!
8. You love your bug-bug. (Your butterfly buggie lovey). 

9. You are very polite and say please. 

10. You are a music lover. When Daddy or Hudson play piano, you run to join in. When mommy and Anna sing, you clap your hands and dance. 

11.  The bathtub is one of your favorite activities and you've begin sticking your face and ears in the water. 

12. You love to color and play with play dough. 

13.  When you really want my attention you say "Mama Mommy! Mama mommy!"

14.  You love playing and we can see the beginnings of an amazing imagination!

15.  You also love playing soccer and rolling balls. As well as you have a fascination with fire trucks!

16.  Your favorite animal sounds to make are a bear, lion, monkey and elephant. (Pretty exotic! Maybe you'll be a travel bug!)

17.  You giggle at yourself and it makes us giggle too.

18.  You may possibly be the world's largest cuddle bug.

We love you Hadleigh bug!!!

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Bekah said...

Wow 18 months already! She is too cute!