Friday, September 6, 2013

Camp Staffaroni ‘13


The long awaited Camp Staffaroni this year did not disappoint.  I say “long awaited” because all summer long we heard, “When is Camp Staff this year?”  We waited until Memorial Day weekend this year and it was well worth the time endured apart – well worth it!  We had an extended time together and happened to visit the Poconos during the infamous East End Fair. 


Where much to Papa James’ consternation, we found a bag of 6 of these beautiful hats…being the Mets fan that he is, he found it reprehensible that we would even think about placing the hats on any of his family members.  Apparently, they like to get under his skin :)


We fished, we ate, we hiked, we ate, we played, we ate, we shopped, we ate, we laughed, we ate, we stayed up late….and we ate.  Did I mention we ate?

IMG_3330staff 2staff 4

All the kiddos love being with Gram and Grandpa Staffaroni – even my kids call them Gram and Grandpa – they love the attention.  (Heck, I love the attention too!)IMG_3343-SMILE

staff 3

But mostly I must admit, the attention is fabulous, but my number one reason for loving the weekend the most is knowing that my best friend and her family get to hang out with our family – and we have a ton of fun, making a ton of memories.

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