Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Day ‘12


We woke to a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l morning on Thursday morning – a morning to be thankful for, surely!  We journeyed to a local park to help clean up leaves and IMAG0301trash as a way to give thanks to the community that we live in.  We went with our fr-amily and the 4 kids that were along ‘helped’ with the leaves.  It was such a sunny morning that halfway through we shed our coats and hats and basked in the warmth.


We returned home in time for Mama to put the turkey in the oven and then spent the afternoon enjoying one another.  Anna loved on Laura’s dog, Reiley, and Laura helped Hudson and Anna make place markers for the table.


IMG_1998The turkey was done and it was time to eat!  We each filled out a feather for our Thankful Turkey (see here) and sat down to “sup” together. 

As we finished up the main course, more friends arrived to enjoy dessert with us.


Our day after Thanksgiving tradition is to put our lights up on the outside of the house….and to begin putting up the tree.  The kids were ecstatic, and Hudson was ready to be Daddy’s big helper.  He helped to stretch the lights and check that they were working.  He handed them to Daddy as he climbed the ladder.IMG_2004IMG_2009

We have so much to be thankful for.  More than I can list.  More than I could fill a book with.  For my heart overflows with how He has blessed us, how He has provided for us in the good times, and in the challenges.  My prayer is that we do not just model for our children that thanks is only given on one day of the year, but in every moment, on every day as we journey through this life that God has given to us.  For it is a gift, and I am ever grateful – may I sing His praise and give thanks.

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