Tuesday, November 13, 2012

party of five


I like that.  Party of five. Seems like a nice number. A full number. A number that I am so blessed that God has given to me.  And our party of five went on our first family trip this past weekend. 

IMG_1924IMG_1928It was time. Time for us to be together with no distraction. No schedule. No expectations.


Time for Daddy to be on sabbatical. To think. To prepare. To ready his heart for the upcoming season of ministry.


Time for Mommy to enjoy her family. To be washed in the blessing of who I’ve been entrusted. To laugh. To smile. To play.



Time to be outside. To hike. To gather leaves. To explore.


Time to reconnect. To recharge. To love.



And to the family that blessed us with the gift of their second home?  I pray that God may overflow their hearts and lives because they gave us an amazing time away…together…as a party of five.

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