Sunday, July 29, 2012

introducing Hadleigh!


Hadleigh Dalea arrived safely into the Smith family on Wednesday, July 18th.  She is a blessing and a beautiful baby.  Just have time to share some cute pictures for now.IMG_1261

right after Hadleigh’s safe arrival with our awesome OB…we have a picture like this with all three kids and their delivery docs.


instant Daddy love….


meeting Hadleigh for the first time


first picture of a family of 5


my big brother and big sister LOVE me! 

(I dressed Hadleigh for church today, and minutes later they both came out of their rooms with clothes that matched her!  It was adorable!)


craignkaren said...

Love it!!!!

Tracy Watanabe said...

Gorgeous! What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Oh so precious!! I can't wait to meet her! Such an amazing crew you have!! This is bekah by the way, I'm on my phone and if you get this comment ten times I'm sorry!

Leslie said...

These are SO AWESOME!!!!!! Isn't it so wonderful saying "family of five"? It's so... so FULL. I love it! And what a beauty! I also love that the kids dressed like their baby sis on Sunday, oh my goodness how wonderful.

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to all of you! Get some rest! Take more photos!