Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Pirate and the Princess

My noble protector…Captain Jack Sparrow.


My eternal princess….Rapunzel. (I made her dress.  I just had to say that.)


The above pictures were blessedly taken when the Pirate and the Princess attended a costume birthday party, as for when the day arrived, the Princess was puking.  Not pretty.  Yes, that was a lot of “p”.  Rapunzel really wanted to ride along, hadn’t puked in 4 hours and her temp was down.  Hudson didn’t want to miss Halloween and as Mommy was on her own, in the stroller she went.


On the steps, bundled up to leave.  The Princess wore her Panda hat (another “p”!).

pirate hudson halloween

Upon arrival to our friends’ home in another community (ours had been cancelled that previous Saturday because of snow – remember that post?), we plopped Anna in the stroller and off we went for 45 minutes – until she was almost asleep in the stroller and Hudson had “enough candy for one night.”

anna stroller halloween mommy

Grandmom soldiered on with us trick or treaters and valiantly went to doors for the Princess when she couldn’t get out of her stroller to go to the door.  What a good Grandmom!!!!


(I love the eyeliner on his eyes – like they don’t stick out enough, right? Smile)


The next morning Pirate was happy to dump his booty and sort it into piles of “like” things.  Many piles….many piles.  Booty was collected and the pirate was happy….maybe not his dentist, but he was!


Flamingo said...

you are one talented lady my friend:) kids look so cute!

Emily said...

The Rapunzel dress is awesome! Nice work! I just bought some strawberries from the store and so I tried your tip for preserving them a bit longer! I'm crossing my fingers that this tip works for me!

Emily said...

what a pretty princess! nice work on the dress mama :)