Saturday, May 21, 2011

“my mom….”

To celebrate moms, Hudson’s school had a Mother’s Day Luau in his classroom.  It was so much fun. Really.  The classroom was decorated in tropical theme, he made a lei necklace and a tie-dyed coffee filter flower for my hair, and we made a fun pineapple magnet craft together.IMAG0118

But one of the funnest (yes, funnest) things about the Luau was a power point movie that his teacher put together with pictures of them, songs and their responses to questions she asked them about their mommies/grandmoms.  On the sly, she contacted all the daddy-figures and had them do a q & a with their little ones. 

Describe a great mom.  “She’s very good at playing with me.  She makes good food.  She washes my clothes and picks up after me.”

What does your mom do in her spare time? “She likes to read books.  She likes to exercise.  She talks to her friends and writes about us on her blog.”  :o)

My mom’s as beautiful as a… “flower – she’s pretty and she smells good.”

My mom’s so smart, she even knows…. “All about fires, how to count, how to plant a garden.”

My mom is special to me because…. “She likes me; she loves to read books to me; she does crafts with me and plays board games.”

My mom is best at…  playing board games, decorating the house, making cookies and making me feel better.”

IMAG0116 Hudson is still a cuddle bug.  I love the fact that when I drop him off at the bus stop, he is still sure to plant a big kiss on my lips before he climbs up onto the steps of the yellow submarine. 

I love the fact that as soon as I walk in his class once a week to help, he demurely waves and gets a big smile on his face, and knowing he isn’t allowed to get out of his seat, he waits until a transition and then will come give me a hug and a kiss. 

I love that when we walk down the hall together, he grasps my hand and holds it for all it is worth….and that he counts down the minutes and announces it to me of how long it will be until he sees me after I leave his presence.

And yes….those answers will most assuredly be tucked away in a special place for me to keep forever.

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Em said...

I get to see your mom soon too! I am so excited! I love Hud's mom forever!