Thursday, May 12, 2011

6th Baseball Bash

Take me out to the ball game….

          Take me out to the crowd…..

Hudson's-baseball-inviteHudson’s official birthday party was this past Saturday – and what a glorious day for baseball.  All guests were asked to wear their favorite team’s colors, and we were happy to see a lot of Philly red and white among the crowd.IMG_9130As friends and family arrived, the kiddos were “tatted up”, played and colored pictures of baseball players and equipment.  Even Great - Grandmom Smith joined in on the fun with a baseball tattoo on her cheek…she’s a cheeky one, I tell ya! (hehehe) IMG_9132Chris and his grandmoms supervised the play from the upper deck grandstand, and made sure the “dawgs” were properly prepared for the ballpark concession stand.chris grandmoms  The birthday boy and his pals certainly had a lot of fun – especially making a train down the slide.IMG_9158IMG_9135 IMG_9143After the pre-game show, the concession stand opened for ballpark fare….can’t have a ball game party without soft pretzels fresh from the Philly side of town!IMG_9137  We played a game where the kids were blindfolded, spun and had to stick their baseball on a “base” on the field that Daddy drew.  It was fun…some kiddos asked to go again…and again….mom mom chrisDaddy and Mom-Mom supporting their team proudly.IMG_9190

The cutest 6 year old on the planet blowing out his candles and making his wish….the wish?  He told me he wished that the cupcake would be delicious…how funny is that?!?!  (Note to self:  sparkling candles kinda freak out even a 6 year old.)

IMG_9185  After baseball cupcakes, Hugs dug into his pile of presents….full of games, outdoor toys, baseball goodies, legos and Playmobil.


Piñata time! 

(and yes….it is homemade and slightly mis-shapen.  But they loved it!) IMG_9207 IMG_9219

Look at all those treats! IMG_9222

We love our family – they make us feel so loved and special….and they are all Phils Phans (never mind Anna’s costume change into her Ariel Mermaid.  She was dressed in red at one point.)

L-R: Poppy, Chris, Mom-Mom, Anna, Great-Grandmom Smith, Grandmom, Hudson, Beth, Great Grammy May IMG_9225Hudson’s favorite things from his party?  He can’t get enough of his new Playmobil Airplane (yes, he still wants to be a pilot), his new Legos and all of his games.  We’ve played a lot of Dog-opoly, Clue Jr. and Buzz Lightyear Operation recently! IMG_9228   Phew!  We had a blast, but us Smith ball players were plumb tuckered out.  Everyone took a nap….and I couldn’t help but snap a picture of these two before I woke them up for dinner. 



Anonymous said...

It was a fun day... so glad I could spend it with my favorite grandson! I love you buddy!

Em said...

Happy birthday Hudson! I am almost that many. I get to start school next year too!