Wednesday, April 13, 2011

CT scans and strawberry donuts

Long story made short here, because Anna will tell it below – she fell at a friend’s home yesterday.  She slid on the grass and bumped her head on the driveway.  Super Mom (ugh!) of the year picked her up, brushed her off, helped her change into her friend’s extra clothes and put her in the car.  It is a brushburn on her forehead – not a bump, not a cut, a brushburn.

Unbeknownst to me, it was much more than that.  She took a nap (because it was nap time!) and when she awoke she cried, and cried and cried and said her head hurt.  I thought she was just having a hard time waking up (once again, super mom of the year).  She had a snack and then said she was going to throw up.  We went to the bathroom but nothing happened, so I held her and walked into the kitchen…..and then it let loose.  On her clothes….then on the steps on the way up the stairs….then in the bathtub.

At the first puke, the alarms went off in my head and I called the emergency line at the pediatrics office.  I didn’t know if I should take her to the ER or to the office.  To the office we traversed after dropping Hudson off with Mr. Tad and Ms. Kristin.  And she started crying and got sick again (2x) on the way to the dr.  Chris and I both felt helpless.  We arrived and they helped us get her a clean shirt (the towel I had with us hadn’t quite helped enough).  And now I will let Anna tell the rest….

Ms. Margo and Emerson came to bring Anna some warm, clean clothes and helped to entertain her for a bit.  What great friends!  After they released us to go home, Anna was starving.  She was feeling much better by this time and they told us she could have Jello and crackers.  So since none of us had eaten dinner and it was late, we picked up a gourmet meal at the hospital cafeteria. :)

IMAG0098 What a day….and what lessons learned!    She is feeling great today – my only challenge is keeping her somewhat chilled out and not running around.  Glad it is rainy and that we can maybe watch a princess movie or two…or three…thanks to those of you who had her (and have her) in your prayers.


Bekah said...

Dear little girl! Emerson filled us in on all the details when she got home!

Emily said...

oh sweet girl! she is so dear - riding through a strawberry donut - i would do that!!

praise the Lord is doing well and on the mend!