Saturday, April 2, 2011

ain’t no foolin’

This is what we woke up to on April 1st….no joke.IMG_8886

Ha, ha.  Funny joke, God.

I personally don’t find snow in April that funny.  But the fact that the unexpected snow dropped 3 inches in our area, the roads were untreated because no one thought it was coming.  We live in a fairly really rural school district and many back country roads would’ve been too icy for school buses to traverse to grab secondary students early in the morning…2 hour delay means no school for Hudson!

We turned the unexpected family morning into an outing to a hands on childrens’ museum.  We like our museums.  Close enough to a few bigger cities and a couple big metropolises to be able to enjoy country life with the benefits of city livin’.


We arrived early – well, we were at the door waiting for them to open – I am sure we entertained the desk staff with our songs and games while we waited.  We hit the first few stations before they got too crowded.  Anna requested a butterfly – Hudson got Daddy’s artistic flair of a Phillies “P” and Home Run on his face. (If you didn’t know, it was opening day for us Philly Phans!)


Banana and Hugs loved the Automoblox station – building your own cars to race against one another.  We have an Automblox car and Anna was excited to see they had pink and purple wheels!


This is the Ant Cave – it is really cool.  I kinda wanted to grab a book and sit in there for a while.  We commented how cool it would be if that could be under a bunk bed for a kids’ room – hello Extreme Home Makeover, there’s an idea for you!


We spent A LOT of time in the market.  If you’ve ever been to our house, that shouldn’t surprise you much as the kids really enjoy their kitchen, table and chairs, food and cash register at our home.  But how cool to have a whole room? 

The teacher in me loved the fact that they made the labels easy for little ones to categorize – every food had a label, as did the register, of meat, veggie/fruit, bread, dairy, fat.  And they had shopping lists – this really intrigued Anna.

She stayed really closely to her shopping list to fill her basket and only strayed off for two things – eggs and a donut.  Who can blame her?


Our little Pilot and Princess loved the dress up station.

We had a fun day hanging out together as a family – and even got to include grandmom in our activities as we met up with her in the evening for dinner.

It was a great day – no foolin’.

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