Monday, March 21, 2011

The zoo…

(This is an oriole nest…replica of course!)


Our cousins are here – hip, hip hooray!

What should we do today?


It is quite warm with sun so bright,

We’ve gotta play til’ late at night.IMG_8799

Where should we go? The sky is so blue!

Ah…we know, it’s a perfect day for the zoo.


In September, Matt is moving 3 hours away from us for Med School, and Alli is joining him after their wedding – we are soooooo excited that they’ll be so much closer and we can see them more often….it’ll be so much better than being 12 hours away.


Emily said...

I love the Maryland Zoo! We used to go every summer when we were little! We have a picture of Rebekah and I in the orioles nest, circa 1989!

Flamingo said...

yea for beautiful zoo weather! double yea that your cousin is moving closer!