Wednesday, March 23, 2011

crayons, catalogs, cute project!

This may become a favorite go-to of ours…IMG_8860

It turns out, we may have a little fashionista on our hands here.  Anna loves dressing up – what little girl doesn’t? – but it doesn’t stop there.  Anna is addicted to clothing catalogs – and she is a great shopper.  I’m not kidding.  She’s 3 and the store clerks adore her because she picks out the most amazing outfits and holds them up and says, “Mommy, isn’t this too cute?  This is CUTE!”

While she isn’t old enough yet to have the heart to heart of how we will never be able to afford all the things that come in the catalogs to our home (she has her heart set on this swim suit from Lands End kids…maybe I can find one similar somewhere for less?), we can use the Lands End Kids Catalog for an even greater – more creative purpose!!!!


Grab your crayons, print these adorable people, and cut your outfits from your favorite kids’ catalog.  They turned out too cute – Hudson and Anna both loved coloring and picking out clothes for their people.  The picture is missing a few – they are hanging out on the sliding glass door at the moment – I think a few of them were taken to play in the dollhouse and didn’t return to their “home”.


The Wyler Family said...

what a fabulous idea! too cute!

Flamingo said...

great idea! i will save this in my memory bank for activities for this summer! looks right up my alley!