Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter with the Smiths

We had the unique privilege of spending Easter with both sides of our family.  We attended celebration services here with Grandmom and Uncle Bryan and then were able to spend the afternoon traveling to see the Smith clan. 

IMG_7197 IMG_7209(Hudson did some great photography to take this picture – Daddy was still at church leading the fourth Easter service.)

After arriving and eating a delicious Easter dinner, the long awaited infamous Mom-Mom Easter Egg Hunt began.  Caleb and Naomi had to educate Hudson on proper etiquette as well as be patient for the 2 “little” girls.

Mom-Mom and Poppy hid the eggs all over the yard and when they said “go”, Hudson was off!  He knew what this hunt was all about.  In addition, each grandchild was searching for his/her own golden egg which had 5 dollars in it.  That is a treasure worth finding!

  IMG_7228 IMG_7223

Anna wasn’t really sure what the excitement was at first, but you can see below that she figured out fairly quickly there was candy in these things!  After that revelation, it was a stretch to get her to try to find more – she was satisfied to open what she had to eat the candies!

IMG_7240 IMG_7252 IMG_7255

Mommy and Aunt Jenny had the same color in mind for dresses this year.


Yup, he found his golden egg!

IMG_7260 IMG_7268

Ruby and Anna loved being on the swings with Poppy.

IMG_7281 IMG_7287

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